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What is Teleport?
How to export recorded data?
How to export recorded data?

Export images and video a any time

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

You can export all recorded data at any time, this includes time-lapse videos which update multiple times a day.

Download time-lapse video on the feed dashboard under the 'time-lapse video' tab.

Images at full resolution can be exported using the export script available here and you can get your API key and feed ids here.

Here is an example command, which will export the 4K, and 1080p images between the given dates, interval 0 means download all images.

.\Teleport-Export -feedId yourFeedId -sizeCodes 'x2160', 'x1080' -key yourApiKey -startTime 2018-01-22T00:00:00Z -endTime 2021-01-22T00:00:00Z -interval 0 -exportFolder "C:\TeleportExport\"


By entering all the arguments on the command line you can automate the export. Then for example, Windows Task Scheduler can be used to call this script every day ensuring you always have the latest images locally.

Custom integration

You can also use our APIs to integrate with Teleport and do much more than export!

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