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Importing historical or previously recorded images
Importing historical or previously recorded images
Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago
  • You can import JPG or PNG images.

  • Import using the feeds web dashboard, FTP and Dropbox are currently supported.

  • Optionally, import can be automated using a provided PowerShell script.

  • The script can also be used to upload live images for example from a local folder into which another app places images.

  • This script works under Windows, Mac and Linux.

Import using the Web Dashboard

Simply enter the FTP information or connect a Dropbox location where the images reside and we'll quickly sync all historical images with a given feed. Soon after you'll see time-lapse video update to reflect these historical images. Import does not effect live image viewing and recording and can be done at any time.

If you have any issues importing historical images, such as non-standard timestamp format in your image files let us know and we can likely get it working for you.

Import using a script

Here is an example command, which will import all images in the given folder to a specific Teleport feed. Timestamps in this case are read from the filename, there are options to use the file create or modified timestamps as well.

.\teleport-broadcast.ps1 -feedId yourFeedId -timestampSource file-name -timezone -6 -noconfirm -apiKey yourApiKey -sourceFolder "C:\YourHistoricalImagesFolder\"


By entering all the arguments on the command line you can automate the import. Then for example, Windows Task Scheduler can be used to call this script every so often to upload images.

Live image upload or broadcast

This script can also be used to monitor a folder for new images and will then automatically upload them to a Teleport feed. For example you can configure the script to run on system startup and use it as a simple way to upload new images that other software places in a folder.

Other option is to use any scripting or programming language and utilize out APIs to send live images to Teleport.

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