A common question we get is how many seconds/minutes between photo snapshots is required for a good time-lapse video at the end of a year long time-lapse project.

First let us define what we mean by frame interval. 5 min / frame mean a frame is captured every 5 minutes. So, 1 sec / frame means every 1 second.

Now to give you an idea of time-lapse video lengths, recording at 1 min / frame, after six months you will have 50 min of resulting time-lapse video. At 5min / frame it will be 10 min of video. And a frame interval of 10 min / frame will result in 5 min of time-lapse video.

The above is assuming you are interested in daylight hours activity of roughly 8 hours / day. This means if recording 24-hours the videos will be longer, but you may not be interested in that activity and want to remove it from the final video for example.

In the end it depends on how much detail you want to capture. You can always speed up a video after in post processing or using Teleport. But if the content is not recorded, slowing down the video will not be possible.

We suggest capturing more at 5 min or 1 min / frame, then scaling back over time if you find it uses too much storage space or you simply do not need that level of detail.

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