PTZ camera specific Teleport features

Capture multiple simultaneous streams and time-lapse videos with PTZ cameras

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Teleport supports these PTZ camera specific use cases:

  • Record multiple simultaneous time-lapse videos, each with it's own PTZ preset location and capture interval

  • Stream live images up to 1-2fps each from a separate PTZ location

  • Specify a home location for a camera, this is where the camera is returned to after the capture cycle is completed. Live video through Teleport or other viewing through third party applications can continue essentially uninterrupted (1-10 seconds, depending on number of capture presets) at this home PTZ location

PTZ support works with any known camera manufacturer, including Axis, Bosch, Vivotek, Dahua, Hikvision and Foscam. With Axis and Azena platform cameras (Bosch and Vivotek, etc.) having premium support as they are able to run our Teleport Station application onboard the camera which allows for more direct drive on the PTZ functions.

PTZ configuration for Axis and Azena cameras

In general PTZ configuration is done partially on camera within the firmware and on the Teleport dashboard.

  1. Create desired named presets on camera for each location.

  2. Enter the preset names as separate 'Cameras' in the Teleport Station device configuration, on the Teleport website configuration dashboard. Point each of these cameras at a separate feed, allowing it to have it's own schedule and capture interval.

  3. Optionally configure one of the presets as a live video stream on one or all of the feeds, allowing live video streaming while simultaneously capturing the time-lapse.

Things to note:

  • Setting the capture interval too low, may cause the camera to cycle back and for too often, sacrificing the live view experience for viewers.

  • On some camera models, especially those that run without an onboard app, multiple capture locations each at low capture intervals can interfere with each other. Consider using a capture offset in this case for each feed, this is configured in the feed live image schedule section.

PTZ configuration for other brand cameras

Configuration for these camera models is done within the live-image capture section for each feed. This is new functionality and subject to change, please contact us via chat to configure this for your feed and camera.

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