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Setting up Axis cameras with Teleport

All Axis cameras are supported and offer the full feature set without any network/firewall setup.

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

Axis cameras run our Teleport Station application onboard and offer the full Teleport feature set. Including time-lapse, live/historical 8K image recording, live video clip and live video streaming.

Running Teleport Station onboard the camera enables advanced features and simplifies network deployment as port forwarding setup and firewalls are no longer an issue.

The Axis camera setup is straight forward, here are the basic steps. Reach out to our support staff via chat with any questions!

Create a Teleport Account

  • If you already have a Teleport Account, make sure to sign-in.

  • If not, visit and create a new account. You can choose the Trial plan to get an idea of what our pricing is like as you change settings.

Install our Teleport Station app on the camera

  • Connect to the camera firmware web page using your browser. To do this you'll need to know the IP address of the camera. You can use the Axis Companion application to discover the IP address, or the camera may be visible in the list of devices on your router.

    • Optionally, you can use the Axis Companion app itself to connect to the camera and install the Teleport Station app. This is done using the 'Advanced Settings' feature. To do this the camera needed to be added to your Axis account while being on the same local network as the camera. Once done, it allows for remote access to the camera from anywhere.

    • Axis also has the device discovery tool to get the IP address of the camera on the local network.

  • Browse to the apps section shown below, usually it is at (replacing the IP address with your cameras IP address).

  • Hit the 'Add' button and upload one of the following eap files (extract it first from the downloaded archive). Which one depends on the CPU type of the camera. Simplest way is to attempt the first in the list, if the camera rejects it try the next file moving down the list:

  • The app will be installed and appear in the list as shown in the screenshot above 'Teleport Station'.

Pair the camera with your Teleport Account

  • Once it is installed, run the app and it will ask you to pair the app with your Teleport Account. Click 'Provision this device' button.

  • Troubleshooting:

    • If the camera has no internet connectivity it wont be able to reach our servers. Ensure it also has DNS configured, which will be configured automatically if using DHCP, otherwise you can use and 8.8..4.4 as the values if using manual IP configuration.

    • Also make sure our IP addresses are not blocked by your firewall, here are the IP addresses the app connects to.

  • This will take you to the Teleport device dashboard in the cloud. Give this device a camera name and site name to make it easier to track.

  • You can also enter the username/password for the on-camera viewer or admin account. This is currently required for video streaming and video clip features, time-lapse video and historical as well as live image viewing features all work without this.

  • Click 'Create new device' and the Teleport Station device will be created. Hitting 'Show new device' locates the device in the list. Hit 'Start preview' to confirm the device is getting images from the camera. Once you see the preview show up (it may take a minute) turn off preview as we will want images to go to an actual feed for recording in the following steps.

  • We now create a feed that will hold recorded content and enable viewing (see below if you already have a feed created.) A Teleport feed represents image/video content (from potentially multiple devices) while a Teleport Station device represents the physical camera in the Teleport Dashboard.

  • Create a feed in the 'My Stuff' β†’ 'Feeds' section using the 'Add feed' button at the top.. Give the feed a name and a location of your choice, this is the public information that your viewers will see.

  • Hit 'Create' and on the following screen click 'Use existing Teleport Station device', this takes you back to the devices section where we again find our newly created device and need to set the feed as the broadcast target for the device.

  • On the Teleport Station device hit 'Select broadcast feed' you are taken to the 'Cameras' β†’ 'Broadcast feed' section where you select the desired feed and hit 'Save'.

  • We are done! Recording on the feed will begin momentarily, refreshing the feed page after some time should now show it as live and recording.

  • Going back to the on-camera Teleport Station app, it should now show as provisioned. All configuration from now on is done on the Teleport Dashboard and syncs down to the camera.

  • The feed will now operate using default features on an always-on schedule. Here is guide with some common customizations, such as custom schedule or live video streaming.

  • Note the on camera app is fully remote managed, once paired all configuration is done through the Teleport website dashboards.

For further support use chat or email us.

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