Which IP address does Teleport connect from?

firewall configuration for locked down networks

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Teleport direct connections to your IP camera

Teleport connects to your IP camera or server from capture.teleport.io which has IP address of

During configuration within the web interface, for preview and testing purposes we also connect to your device from api.teleport.io or

Here are IPs again: (capture.teleport.io) (api.teleport.io)

If possible, use the domain name rather than the IP address in your firewall configuration as the IP address may change in the future. Though we will do our best to notify of this change prior.

Teleport Station app

Our on camera Teleport Station app (Axis or Safety and Security Things cameras) or Teleport Station for Linux/Windows PCs, connects to our server at api.teleport.io or It connects to port 443 only. No incoming connections are used, so unless your firewall restricts outgoing Internet access over web port 443 no firewall configuration should be required.

For video streaming and video clip an entry for streams.teleport.io or is also required.

Here are IPs again: (streams.teleport.io) (api.teleport.io)
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