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Using solar power + 4G/LTE cameras with Teleport
Using solar power + 4G/LTE cameras with Teleport

Any IP camera can be used with a solar kit

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

While Teleport works with any IP camera, often these need to be paired with a solar power or even cellular Internet connection. Sourcing these kits can be tricky as there are few ready to low-cost solutions available.

Ready kits

Hikvision has a solar + 4G kit available now and they do work well : Solar-powered Series - Network Cameras - Hikvision

Self assembled kits

The camera

In terms of the camera, any IP camera will work with Teleport. We recommend these cameras.

The solar kit

Virtually any IP camera can be powered by solar. The IP camera is connected via a single standard Ethernet cable to the solar kit. Here is what is commonly needed for a solar powered kit:

  • Solar panel

  • Battery

  • Solar controller with built-in PoE output or 24-48V output

  • Wi-fi or 4G router

  • PoE Injector (if router and controller don't have PoE and camera needs it, some cameras can use 24/48V directly)

  • Weatherproof enclosure

The kits are sourced or assembled based on what is available in your area. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be any good solutions available on Amazon yet. Talking to local IP security firms is a good way to source ready-to-go kits. Or, to put a kit together yourself you can use this article as a guide.

Solar kit suppliers


    This company also sells systems paired with a camera, because it offers FTP or standard Onvif connectivity it will work with Teleport.



Three options for connectivity with Teleport

When deciding on a system or camera consider the ways in which Teleport and the camera can connect. This especially matters if a cellular carrier doesn't offer a public IP address.

  • Teleport connects to the camera. Usually requires port 80 to be forwarded. For 4G networks this means the carrier needs to supply you with a public IP address, so that external connections are possible. This for example isn’t standard with Version in USA.

  • Teleport on-camera app (Axis cameras only). App communicates with our servers. Works behind firewall and no port forwarding required. Works on any 3G/4G provider, no IP address required.

  • Camera FTPs images/video clips to Teleport. Any camera with FTP function will work with Teleport. Works on any 3G/4G provider, no IP address required.

The all-in-one camera solution

In terms of the all-in-one solar + 4G + IP camera integrated solution it is still early days. The cameras available on places like Amazon are usually closed systems and only work with their own apps. Or can be unreliable or don't work with all cellular carriers. For example, no major IP camera manufacturer other than Hikvision above, has a solar powered camera or ready to go kit yet.

While this will change as these integrated all-in-one offerings evolve, to date, the best solution in terms of reliability and robustness that we found is any good IP camera + a separate solar/4G solution of your choosing.

It is worth nothing that keeping the camera separate from the solar kit has many benefits:

  • Lower long term costs if you're dealing with many sites

  • Higher selection of cameras, with better image quality or field of view specific to your needs

  • Improved maintenance, swap or replace just the failed components, or upgrade just the camera

  • Improved reliability, built on more reliable components

  • Improved solar performance, ability to install a larger solar panel in low light areas

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