Teleport Player & Teleport Window

Embed on your website or a lobby TV with custom playlists.

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

Teleport Player is what allows viewing of Teleport feeds on any device. It is used across the Teleport website including the feed profile pages, it can be embedded on your own webpage or on a dedicated device such as a TV or a digital sign.

The player can run in interactive mode or playlist mode. Interactive mode lets the viewer select the play mode and view live or historical content at will. Playlist mode allows us to set a custom playlist. The player then automatically loops through this playlist. For example, multiple feeds can be shown in sequence, showing a mix of live content or time-lapse. You can also include custom branded images and video as part of the playlist to better showcase the recorded content to your viewers.

Teleport Window devices are dedicated players that can be embedded and remote managed from the Teleport dashboard. You can setup a TV in a lobby for example and configure its playlist remotely.

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