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Setup a Smart TV or digital sign to showcase your feed
Setup a Smart TV or digital sign to showcase your feed

Use a smart TV, a Raspberry Pi or and old laptop as a Teleport Player dedicated display

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

If you're thinking of setting up a dedicated TV to continuously show your camera feed, for example in an office lobby, or a live picture frame setup, Teleport Window is meant meant to do just that! Here is how to set it up.

There are two options:

  1. Use a Teleport Window Player, which works on any device with a browser, such as SmartTV or a PC that runs a browser in dedicated mode for example.

  2. Use Teleport Window app, which is a Windows App that runs on Windows 10 in Assigned Access mode or Windows IoT Core.

Use Teleport Window app (Windows 10, IoT Core)

  • Any Windows 10 PC (or XBox), or any hardware that runs Windows IoT Core such as a Raspberry Pi

  • A TV, computer display or a projector.

  • An HDMI cable, power cables

  • Internet connectivity

  • The Teleport Window app.

Configure your hardware

PCs, any laptop, desktop or mini pc

  • Recommended hardware is the Intel NUC or similar PCs. 'PC on a stick' devices will also work. A PC with a good GPU is recommended, this will prevent any flicker during time-lapse playback.

  • Use any version of Windows 10, upgrades are now free for existing PCs with Windows.

  • Run the Store app and install the Teleport Window app. Or you can sideload the app bypassing the store, to do this get the Teleport Window app side-load package. Run the PowerShell script to install it.

  • Search for 'assigned access' on the start menu and run 'Choose an account for assigned access'.

  • Configure an account and select Teleport Window as the app. To do this you will likely have to create a new Windows account dedicated for the app.

  • Consider configuring the PC power mode to 'full on, on power' this way it will turn on as soon as power is restored. This is configured in the PC BIOS.

  • The PC will now run the Teleport Window app in dedicated mode.

IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi

  • Install free Windows 10 IoT on the device, this is easy with the Microsoft IoT Dashboard app. Visit for more information.

  • In the IoT Dashboard app you can change the device password and give it a name. Then browse to the 'Device portal' web site and then the 'Apps' page.

  • Extract the Teleport Window app sideload package zip file and locate the proper architecture build for your device. For Raspberry Pi choose ARM for Intel boards choose x86 or x64.

  • Now browse for the appx file, the certificate file as well as all dependencies in the 'Dependencies' sub-folder, and click 'Go'.

  • After some time you should see 'Done!'. Refresh the page and run the app.

  • If all is working properly configure the app as the default app, this will make it start on device boot.

  • Note: The Raspberry Pi is still missing an accelerated video driver under Windows, so graphics are going to be slow!

The display

  • Any TV or monitor will work, projectors as well.

  • The display should have an always on/stand by mode. This way in case of power outage it will turn on automatically like the PC or IoT device.

  • Also helpful is an 'auto brightness' or 'advanced power savings' capable display. This way the screen will auto dim when the room is dark resulting in more comfortable viewing.

Configure the Teleport Window app

  • Install the Teleport Window app. Or to sideload the app bypassing the store, use the Teleport Window app side-load package. Run the PowerShell script to install it. On IoT devices use the 'Device portal' interface as described above.

  • Once the app is running on the device, configuration is easy. Simply enter the url for the feed you'd like to view. To auto populate the url, sign-in to the Teleport website on the device to populate this url. You can configure options there as well, such as the default play mode.

  • Note, on the PC the app will auto update itself if configured to run from the Store. On the IoT devices, for the foreseeable future, you will have to manually update the app.

The configured device should now ceaselessly work to display your feed! Surviving through power outages and in case of an app or device crash automatically restart. Let us know how this works for you or if you need any help!

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