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What is Teleport?
What does Teleport do?
What does Teleport do?

Easy live webcam + time-lapse for your projects or places

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

With Teleport you can view live high quality images and time-lapse video on your own website from any camera. Live streaming video is also supported.

Teleport feature details:

  • Live view & record from IP cameras, webcams, DSLRs or SRT broadcast sources in true HD quality (up to 8K)

  • Auto time-lapse video creation in 4K, recent activity, all-time or custom duration/speed videos

  • View historical images from any time in the past

  • Capture live images, time-lapse and live video clips, all working together to better visualize the remote location in real-time or historical

  • Capture any long running activity, construction projects, industrial or scientific monitoring, etc.

  • 4K live video streaming anywhere in the world, using our global CDN.

  • View live video clips, give the immersion of video streaming at much lower bandwidth cost.

  • Cost effective for multi-year and historical reporting

  • Easily share your feed with others or broadcast it worldwide

  • Make your feed public or view it privately

  • Embed on your own website

  • Record months or years of video and images, there is no hard storage limit

  • Use IP Cameras without any software or hardware

  • Track project progress, compare historical images in overlay or side by side and overlay with BIM models. (coming soon, contact us to join beta)

  • Setup in 5 minutes if you have a camera ready.

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