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Teleport Station on Linux and Windows
Run custom gphoto2 commands remotely via Teleport dashboard
Run custom gphoto2 commands remotely via Teleport dashboard

Control settings such as f-stop, focus or set a custom capture command

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

To remotely issue custom gphoto2 commands to your DSLR, go to the Devices section and find the Teleport Station device you'd like to control. Edit the device and go to the Camera -> Capture tab.

Once there, enter commands into the text box shown below. You can enter one line or multi-line commands Multi-line commands are treated as gphoto2 shell mode commands which have slightly different formatting so be careful when entering newlines.

Commands such as '--list-config' to list all available configuration settings for the camera or '--auto-detect' to list the detected camera devices can be entered.

Once the command is entered, hit 'Execute command' wait roughly 15sec and the results will be visible in the log which is shown using the 'Load log' button.

This is how you get the currently set value for a config/setting, in this case for f-number which controls the aperture stop:

To change this value we use the set-config command and enter the desired value as a number rather than 'f/14'. The success with empty result can be seen in the log.

We confirm the change by getting the new value for the setting:

Things to note:

  • When listing configurations note that sometimes the setting is readonly, in that case either the camera mode or camera model doesn't allow the setting to be changed. the get-config command will list weather a specific setting is readonly.

  • Sometimes the command '--set-config controlmode=1' needs to be issued first for configuration changes to succeed.

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