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Camera selection and connecting to Teleport
Enable video streaming on Bosch cameras
Enable video streaming on Bosch cameras

Change GOP setting from IBP to IP on Encoder Streams page

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

For the Teleport live video streaming feature to work with Bosch cameras, the H.264 stream settings on the camera firmware need a small change to make the stream compatible with web browsers. Note this isn't required for video clip or image capture to work.

  • Login to the camera directly and go to the Configuration -> Camera -> Encoder Streams page (url http://YourCameraIPAddress/Settings.Html#page_streams)

  • Change the GOP structure setting from IBP to IP as shown in the screenshots below.

  • Hit 'Set' and video stream will start working.

  • Also, make sure to configure the camera's username/password on the Teleport Station device as discussed here.

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