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What is Teleport?
Is Teleport reliable? Can I trust it?
Is Teleport reliable? Can I trust it?

We're here to stay, 100% cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure with a 99.99% uptime SLA

Written by John Goode
Updated over a week ago

Teleport is 100% hosted in trusted & secure, GDPR accredited and reliable Microsoft Azure datacenters. All servers and databases are automatically patched with the latest security updates by the Microsoft Azure platform. In the event of network or hardware failure, recovery usually occurs automatically, with datacenter engineers always standing by in case manual intervention is required.

Your data is kept secure & encrypted in world class datacenters using modern databases. Multiple copies of your recorded data, in multiple global locations, ensure data is not lost in the event of a datacenter going offline. Internally within Teleport, GDPR compliant data handling practices are observed, view more about our data handling and privacy policy here.

Over the last 7 years of operation, we've had just a few hours of downtime, mostly caused by underlying network infrastructure/connectivity issues. This is with in the 99.95% percent SLA guarantee by Microsoft Azure.

As a company we're here to stay. We've been in business since 2003, far longer than most in this fast-paced industry! Teleport comes to you from the people at, read more about us here.

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